Kimberly Parker
Concept artist / illustrator
Vancouver, Canada

Kimberly Parker is a Vancouver-based artist who probably drinks more whiskey than you and has a tattoo in Elvish. She's been a concept artist and illustrator for several years and has begun working in short-form comics for the past year. She enjoys trickster gods, ice cream bars, and drunk Orson Welles commercials. 

If you'd like me to help with that rad thing you're working on, throw me an email at thatkimparker@gmail.com

Recent Projects:

  • TEDxECUAD (Emily Carr University) - Design Lead (2017)
  • The Slow Arrow - Illustrator (sequential) (2017)
  • The Glass - Illustrator (sequential), written by Michael Elliott (2017)
  • Po's Tale - Illustrator (sequential), written by James Sharp (2017)
  • Fractured Skies RPG  - Landscape Illustrator, for Ettin Productions (2016)
  • Manipulation - Project Lead, with Pepper's Ghost Collective for the Vancouver Fringe Festival (2016)
  • "Portal Pong" (VR concept project) - Concept Artist, with Amir Tamadon - prize winner at "How to Build a Virtual World - The Experience" (2016 )
  • Tarot Card Deck (Major Arcana) - Illustrator, for The Golden Dawn (2016)
  • Retool - Promotional Artist (Poster, Banner and Branding) for Hut90 (2016)
  • RE\VISION - Character Designer, Environment Designer, with The Vague Collective for Itch.io's WAG Challenge (2016)
  • Feminist Deck - Illustrator, for Kiva Smith-Pearson (2015)
  • /ar·ca·dence/: How We Talk About Video Games - Promotional Illustrator, for Nick Capozzoli (2015)
  • Steal My Artificial Heart - Character Designer, Environment Designer, with Team Gigglesquid, for Zoe Quinn and Alex Lifshitz' Antholojam (2015)
  • The Uncle Who Works for Nintendo - Environment Illustrator, with Michael Lutz - winner of Paste Magazine's Indie Game of the Year (2014)
  • Epanalepsis Kickstarter - Promotional Illustrator, for Cameron Kunzelman (2014)

Exhibition Work:

  • Snag Christmas Market (2016)
  • Hot Art Wet City - Hot One Inch Action (2016)
  • Hot Art Wet City - Carded! (2016)
  • The FALL Gallery - Mythos (2016)
  • Spectrum Fantastic Art Live (2015)
  • The Foundation Show - Emily Carr University of Art + Design (2014)
  • Hot Art Wet City - Hot One Inch Action (2014)


Emily Carr University of Art + Design - BFA (Illustration)
Alvin Balkind Memorial Scholarship

Queen's University - BA (Philosophy)

Co-director of Rain City Illustration and member of The Vague Collective
Runs the East Van Art Collective

Twitter Tumblr - Instagram - Artstation -  Linkedin